About Us…

Floortech is a small, locally owned business that has been serving the residential homeowner for the past 20 years.  We are a specialty contractor.  If you haven’t heard of us it’s probably because we don’t spend money on a lot of flashy advertising, rather we prefer ‘word of mouth’ to provide our next opportunity and allow our reputation to precede us!

Why are we classified as a specialty contractor?  Because what we do is different.  It is a special trade, a skill that is learned through many years of staying true to one facet of work.  We are not carpenters or handy men.  Can we build a house or install a water heater?  The answer is yes, every time, and we’ve done both and much more in the past.  However, we made a decision a long time ago at Floortech to stay focused on an area of work that not many people want to do.  Our work is not for the faint at heart nor is it something to ‘try’ to get right.  We’ve met many homeowners over the years that have paid good money for a repair they thought was permanent only to find out it was temporary due to improper installation or inferior materials the first time.  Trust me, the only thing worse than spending money in your crawlspace once, is to spend it a second time around when that could have been avoided with the right education and opportunity.  You owe it to yourself to do the research, make an educated decision and not just take the next guy that comes along!

We at Floortech thank you in advance for visiting our website.  We realize you have a choice of who to hire, but hope that we can add you to our ever-growing list of happy and satisfied clients.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Our Philosophy…

It’s not about the money…Keep it fun…Give them more than they expect…thanks for the referral!

It’s not about the money!  We never focus on the monetary side of business, rather we try to be fair and do this type of work because we enjoy it.  Of course we have to pay for our expenses and make a little on the side, but we like it best to do more jobs with less profit than to try and make all our money off of a single job.

Keep it fun!  We have a saying everyday “when we stop having fun, we’re going home”.  This means that some days things go well all day, and on other days it is filled with hiccups and blunders.  Therefore, we don’t work the typical 8-hour day just because that’s the standard, rather we want our work to be right and for you to get the best results so we want to be fresh and always on our game.  This type of work doesn’t allow for mistakes!

Give them more than they expect…every time!  Experience has taught us to be more giving and not be so worried about splitting nickels.  Often times people have been ‘burnt’ by previous contractors wanting to nickel and dime them over every little thing or write up change orders to add on more or unexpected work.  We make it a point on every job to give you something you didn’t expect…and better than that is when we save money or time and reduce your costs at the end rather than just keep it because we ‘agreed’ on a price.  If it’s not ours, we don’t want it!

Thanks for the referral!  It goes without saying, that if we do everything we say we will do, not only will you be more than happy with our work but you will want to share your story with someone else.  We find this to happen on almost every job, and often times we are afforded the opportunity to work for the same person more than once in a lifetime which is why we like to refer to you as a client instead of a customer!